April 13,  2020

The Best Breville Juicer 2020

Breville means quality. But even here are differences. After extensive testing, we have selected the best juicers. We especially liked the Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite, and we can only recommend it.


best breville juicer
  • It has a 2-speed electronic control. You can use the low speed for soft ingredients and high speed for harder fruits and vegetables.
  • The machine is made of tough materials and engineering-grade polymers, so you can expect its durability to last long.
  • After using the juicer, you can keep the cord in its storage area.
  • The pulp container is large enough to be filled with pulp, so you can continue juicing without stopping halfway through the process.

It bears the word Elite, and it stays true to its word. This juicer is one of the most sophisticated models you can ever find, even being named as the Rolls Royce of Juicers. We tell you, it’s not a cheap choice. But if you’re drawn to this impressive machine, every dollar you pay is worth it. This centrifugal juicer is equipped with a 1000-watt motor with two speeds, 6,500rpm and 13,000rpm, effectively extracting soft and hard ingredients. It boasts of an 81-percent 5-star customer rating, which goes to show how much customers love the product.

This juicer has a safety locking arm that assures the safety of the users. It doesn’t operate until the cover is locked in place. It also has overload protection, which automatically turns off the machine if it goes beyond the capacity limit. This will help you know if you’re processing too many ingredients at a time.

Important to know

One of the best things about this juice machine is its build, which consists of durable materials. It is made of a die-cast metal body, cutting discs that are reinforced with titanium for lasting sharpness, and stainless steel mesh filter basket that effectively separates the pulp from the juice. Putting them all together, you have a beautiful and sturdy machine that works even if you put it on high speed.

It is also worth mentioning that it has a cord storage. Not all juicers have this kind of feature, you know! The storage keeps the cord in place after using the machine.


best breville juicer
  • This has a much bigger capacity in terms of the containers. The juice jug comes with a seal or lid, and it can contain 70 ounces of juice. Meanwhile, the pulp container is much bigger with a capacity of 3.4 liters.
  • The entire build of the juicer is constructed with durable materials, so you are assured that it doesn’t break easily.
  • It is equipped with an LED indicator that lights up when the juicer is overloaded. It prevents unsafe juicing operations.
  • For the user’s safety, the juice machine will not run if the lid is not securely locked into its place.

Equipped with an 850-watt motor, this juice machine is capable of juicing the toughest fruits and vegetables within a few seconds. It is also innovated with a Cold Spin Technology that keeps the increase of the juice’s temperature. When you drink it, it is still cold and refreshing. This is a perfect device, especially during summer, when the sun is high. A fresh fruit drink sounds nice, right?

It has a dual speed setting that you can use. The low mode is best used when your juicing soft fruits and vegetables like melon, watermelon, and tomatoes. The high mode, on the other hand, works perfectly for hard ingredients like apples, pineapples, kale, carrots, and radish.

Important to know

One of its key features is the 3-inch feeding chute. It is wide enough to fit the whole fruit and vegetables. You can conveniently put in the ingredients without having to slice them. It simply means that the preparation time is shortened, and you have more time to do other things on the side.

Another special feature of the Breville Juice Fountain Cold is the capacity of its pulp container. It can contain 3.4 liters of pulp. That’s bigger than the other containers of juicers that we have reviewed. Apart from that, the juicer comes with a custom-designed juice nozzle that allows the juice to go straight to your glass without spilling. When the machine is done juicing, turn the nozzle towards your glass to contain the juice.


best breville juicer
  • It includes a 70 fl. oz. juicing jug with a sealing lid, a juice nozzle to allow the juice to flow directly into the glass, and a cleaning brush.
  • The jug and pulp bin are removable, so you can conveniently take them out from the juicer when they are full.
  • The construction materials make it a sturdy juicer. You are assured that it doesn’t get broken so easily.
  • It has a higher-powered engine that supports the juicer’s variable speed setting.

Highly praised for its blending power, this juice machine is not like the ones we have reviewed. It is more sophisticated and more expensive, but it has more features that make it an exceptional juicer. It is built with a 1200-watt motor, and a titanium reinforced cutting disk, allowing it to extract juice five times faster than a cold press.

The Breville Juice Fountain Cold XL also comes with an extra-large juice container where you can store up to 70 fl.oz. nutritious juice for you and your family. If no one is drinking, store the pitcher in the refrigerator. The juice will remain fresh for up to three days. So far, this is one of the best juicers we have seen.

Important to know

This juice machine has three key features that set it apart from other juicers. First, it has the Cold Spin Technology™ that allows you to cool your juice before getting it out from the juicer. The temperature is less one degree Celsius, so you have an instant cold, fresh drink with this impressive feature.

Second, it has a wider feed chute, making preparation much shorter than usual. Most juice machines have a 3-inch tube, but this one has a 3.5-inch chute that lets you juice bigger fruits and vegetables without slicing them. And third, it boasts of having a noise reduction technology that you can set to reduce the noise of the juice machine by 40 percent. So, you make your healthy drink without disturbing anyone in the house.

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